Virtuous Woman Coaching Ministry

The Virtuous Woman Coaching Ministry challenges us to evaluate ourselves as a woman/mother and to commit ourselves to the ideals of a godly woman including what our foundation should be, where we find our strength and how we identify our goals.

It calls us to assess our relationships with others including our husbands, our children in each stage of their growth, and those outside of our home life.  It makes us take a good hard look at what our God-given-role is and how we can serve in the station in which He has called us.  It equips us so that we may reach out and bless others while allowing us to remain focused on our families and their needs.

10570508_10210009098477505_4253634524198012297_n  A Virtuous Journey                    One on One Coaching                                                                                       (weekly meeting for 10-11 months)

It includes:                                                                                                                               Workbook, T-Shirt & Journal
Graduation Ceremony with Crown and Sash.


15036496_10210031975569418_481459007284879281_n  A Workshop of Virtues 

(4-6 hrs. of training)

Available for Workshop attendees:                                                                           Workbook, T-Shirt, Bookmark


11160653_10205700946336394_1758128955027029578_o “I’m A Crown” Seminar

(2 hours speaking time)                                                                                                     Available for Seminar: Workbook, T-Shirt


Devotional Book: Great for a Woman’s Bible Study                   (monthly meeting)                                                                                                       Still working on the book. I hope to have it published this summer.


Virtuous Woman Banquet in 2018

  • Our goal is to unite women to celebrate the Virtuous Women and portray what the life of women that is committed herself to living a virtuous life.
  • I’d like to show the women that if they really want to be a virtuous woman, they’ll need to prepare themselves for a lifetime commitment.
  • A virtuous life is not an act you can put on for a few days. True virtue is a lifestyle.
  • We hope to encourage the women to live a life with purpose.
  • We hope this will help us raise the bar of a woman’s worth amongst young women in our communities.
  • We will also honor individuals such as the husband, parents and/or Children of the Virtuous Women. Proverbs 31: 23 & 28


Virtuous Women T-Shirts $15

14753936_10209734536853636_8932282749754640198_o                                                                                         (sizes s-l available)


Virtuous Woman Bookmarks $5 a set (3 bookmarks in a set)











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